7487. fine aerosole

exhaled  breathingって、普通の息遣いってことでいいのかな? ゆっくり息をする・・・深呼吸?

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exhaled breathは単に「吐いた息」(呼気)です。反対語はinhaled breath(吸気)。


Subjects were asked to breathe normally and to recite the alphabet once at 5,
15, and 25min.We collected “coarse” (>5 μm) aerosol droplets by impaction on
a Teflon surface and “fine” droplets (≤5 μm and >0.05 μm) by condensation
growth and impaction on a steel surface constantly rinsed into a buffer containing
(PBS with 0.1% BSA) liquid reservoir.

Little is known about the amount and infectiousness of influenza
virus shed into exhaled breath. This contributes to uncertainty
about the importance of airborne influenza transmission. We
screened 355 symptomatic volunteers with acute respiratory illness
and report 142 cases with confirmed influenza infection who provided
218 paired nasopharyngeal (NP) and 30-minute breath samples
(coarse >5-μm and fine ≤5-μm fractions) on days 1–3 after symptom
onset. We assessed viral RNA copy number for all samples and
cultured NP swabs and fine aerosols. We recovered infectious virus
from 52 (39%) of the fine aerosols and 150 (89%) of the NP swabs
with valid cultures. The geometric mean RNA copy numbers were
3.8 × 104/30-minutes fine-, 1.2 × 104/30-minutes coarse-aerosol
sample, and 8.2 × 108 per NP swab.